Frequently Asked Questions

What folks usually want to know about PDF4me

Common Problems

What are the minimum requirements for using Pdf4me ?

An Internet connection! You need only very basic system requirements working with PDF4me. We handle most of the processing on our highly reliable and fast servers.

Will PDF4me store my documents ?

Pdf4me in no way store a copy or allow any other entity to access your documents. But they are stored in highly secured servers or transferred through https for processing instructions given by you. We ensure they are automatically deleted by our built in data lifecycle after one hour.

Can I process documents from my Cloud storage accounts ?

Definitely! PDF4me is integrated with most commonly used Cloud storages like Dropbox and Google Drive. You can directly import files to PDF4me and upload processed documents back to these storages.

Why is the processing of my documents slow at times?

We always try to ensure maximum performance from PDF4me servers. But there can be lot of other factors affecting processing speed. To name a few the internet connection speed, size of files, server traffic etc.

Can I use PDF4me to process Corporate documents ?

Absolutely! Security has been built in from bit levels ensuring high end encryption. All uploads happen over https ensuring maximum data security. We have built PDF4me keeping in mind data integrity as our primary benchmark.

Why are there advertisements on PDF4me?

We at PDF4me put in a lot of resources to provide quality and useful services for you. The advertisement revenue keep us going. You can always go for Pro version which is totaly ad-free and has some great features.

Can I try PDF4me before I can subscribe?

Ofcource you can. But you have restrictions to the number actions you can perform at a time. The premium version provides access to some cool features at very affordable price.


What payment methods can I use?

We currently accept the following credit cards: Master and Visa. You can also choose PayPal if you prefer.

Can i Change the Plan during my Billing Cycle?

Yes! You can always switch between plans. But the Plan downgrades will usually reflect at the end of every billing cycle.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course, you can. If you wish to cancel your Subscription, you can always do it using the 'Cancel Subscription' option on your account page.

Do you provide Invoices for the payments?

Yes we do. You can find Tax Invoices for all your payments in Payment History of your My Acccount page.

Whats difference in Free and Premium Plans?

We have limits set to the number of times the features can be used in the Free version. You may also see some advertisements in the free version. The Premium version has unlimited access over features, ad-free and with higher processing speeds.