Unlock PDF Smartly

If you remember your password, and you feel there is no necessity of protecting your document with it, here is an option to remove this in simple steps. Passwords can be removed or reset at ease, using PDF4me.

Yet another disclaimer we have is that, even if you cannot remember your password, it’s not possible for the PDF4me to decrypt the data in your document.

Security of digital documents, being a part of the service ethics, we are committed to adhering to the rules and regulations related to the privacy of the data. PDF4me brings simple ways to achieve high-end password protection and unlocking of your documents.

Unflawed Security

Remove passwords from your PDF safely, with a system of deleting any document within an hour, after the download process is the proof of our adherence to respecting the data security-related rules and regulations.

The removal of the password is done over the most secure servers to ensure the maximum safety of your PDF files.

Choose our Pro version to reduce the processing time while you unlock large PDF files. Our Day Pass version is a sample takeaway for you to try the feature for small documents.

Effortless Unlocking

Unlock your PDFs in a snap using our unlocking tool. Type in your password and unlock in the split of a second. Free your PDF from passwords for viewing, editing, or changing the password. Our PDF password remover works flawlessly on mobile devices as well.

Unlock PDF, edit, or share your PDFs from your mobile devices. You can unlock and save PDFs to Cloud-storages directly by uploading to PDF4me from Google Drive or Dropbox even without saving them locally.