Unlock PDF and Remove Encryption

Remove password security from a PDF and decrypt for further use

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Unlock your document for editing

Unlock the power of your data

It is simply an unlock of your protected PDF. We assume you know your password and the rest we do for you. We won't try to decrypt your document if the password is wrong. Your security is important for us.

One-click Unlock

Securing digital documents is an important achievement. PDF4me brings simple ways to achieve high-end password protection and unlocking of your documents.

Unflawed Security

Your data and documents are safe with us. Any document will be deleted within one hour after the download window. This is guaranteed by our built-in data lifecycle.

Astounding Performance

Time is costly. We always strive to lessen any delays in document processing using our tool. Our Paid version ensures the allocation of dedicated resources at a very low cost.

Effortless Unlocking

Unlock your PDFs in a snap using our unlocking tool. Type in your password and unlock in the split of a second.

Simply Unlock and Send

Unlock and send from a mobile is a piece of cake with your mobile browser enabled version. It is simple and fast from your mobile browsers.

Unlimited ways to edit your PDF

Make important changes to a PDF document, such as the customization of contents and document formatting.

Or uncover all the possibilities of our features by upgrading to PDF4me Pro.