Recognize using PDF OCR

OCR is a method, as you know, which reads the text characters from images or scanned documents. Searching and extracting the texts from images and scanned documents have to be performed by an efficient tool like PDF4me.

Using PDF4me OCR, for this purpose, is definitely a good choice to make everything simpler. Drag and drop scanned pdfs or images with text. All possible texts using our OCR tool can be extracted easily. This is made possible, irrespective of where your documents are stored.

scanned documents directly from cloud-storages can also be used for the OCR extraction. The Optical Character Recognition tool reads through at the bit-level of your PDF and embeds the text into the document that can be copied.

Secured Recognition

All text and data extracted using PDF4me tools are secured over https and SSL. In addition, data is automatically deleted after 1 hour of processing. Documents shared through emails and via links will expire in 14 days from the date of sharing.

PDF4me ensures faster recognition of texts from documents. This exclusive feature is made available if you are using our Pro version. Provisionally, Sign up for a PDF4me trial version to know more of this feature along with our other tools and offerings.

Quality Processing

Processing is crucial, for recognizing the bits from an image and delivering it to the end-user. PDF4me guarantees the maximum possible text recognition count with precision. The OCR tool of PDF4me is certainly a preferred choice to try text recognition online.

Mobile devices during your travel would assist you, do this job quickly, with PDF4me, due to great compatibility with their browsers. Capture images on your Camera. Upload to PDF4me in the mobile browser and extract texts for any use.