Transform PDF to Excel spreadsheets

Spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel, are inevitable, for the jobs, which have been a part of any data analysis, computing, or statistical representations. However, with a view to present this as a document, we must integrate the benefits of PDF along with. More often, the need to extract the data available as PDF content into a spreadsheet becomes a priority in the day to day business.

The conversion of such data, existing as a list or in a tabular format, can be smartly done by the tool provided by PDF4me. All you have to do is ZIp the PDF files with the tabular data and upload it here for the PDF to Excel converter to act on it. A corresponding set of spreadsheets for every individual PDF is a good takeaway away for you.

High-end Security

Along with the conversion process, you would also have in mind, how secure the data extract would be if a tool of this nature is used to create excel sheets from a normal pdf file. The answer is, PDF4me, has been offering any tool, with a commitment to the users, in compliance with the global laws of privacy and confidentiality.

With this regard, any document processed with PDF4me would be deleted exactly one hour after the download task is complete. The expiry of the documents shared via emails and hyperlinks is set as 14 days. Get much better performance by switching over to the PRO version of the tool.

Feel free to convert PDFs residing in your Cloud-storage like Google Drive directly to excel spreadsheet at a lightning speed.

Quality Conversions

Quality, like Security, is one among the supreme focus, that PDF4me tags along, while providing a ‘value for money’ service. You would realize that with the simple features of PDF4me, documents of the highest quality can be created.

One highlighting a positive aspect of this converter is that formatting is possible as and when you convert a PDF to an Excel file. We have designed PDF4me keeping in mind its compatibility with both desktops & mobile devices. Now creating Excel spreadsheets from PDF is an easy job even when you travel, if you use PDF4me.