Linearize documents for Web platforms

Render PDFs quickly in Web platforms as streams of data by linearizing PDFs.

Web Optimized PDFs are better displayed visually and useless data as only the required parts of the document are loaded. The idea behind linearization is a faster display of PDF documents from the web.

This type of fast web view is achieved by arranging the document structure in a unique way. PDF4me does this by adding XREF tables specifying the position in the file of certain objects.

Secured Optimization

We ensure the best encryption while processing your files. Any document will be deleted after one hour. Documents shared through emails will expire in 14 days from the date of sharing.

Our PDF optimizing algorithms ensure the fast processing of your documents. You can enjoy the complete service and features rendered by PDF4me with all these tools in the array. You can make more file conversions by upgrading to our PRO version.

Lossless Optimization

PDF4me believes in providing quality products and tools to the users. Optimizing the PDFs to the smallest possible sizes, with no damage to its quality is a part of the organization’s goal.

Get a hang of the best optimization on every instance of document processing with PDF4me.

For faster loading of documents on the web, the optimization of your document matters. With our online linearize PDF tool, your PDF size will be reduced without compromising the quality. All works fine over our browser-enabled optimize functionality.