Merge PDFs in a specific order

The merger of documents is typically a job that seeks rework. A minimal effort in merging documents of any format, with a little Drag and Drop action, is what PDF4me assures.

Any document file format is automatically converted to PDF before combining the documents. Click, hold, and drag vertically on a filename to arrange the PDF files, in the desired order before merging. Upload PDFs from Cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Merge PDFs and upload them back to your Cloud accounts. PDF4me ensures the combined PDFs work faster over cloud storage. PDF4me uses excellent algorithms for optimum results.

Enterprise level security

Security has been built using pioneer programming methods. Any document is securely transferred over https and encrypted before it is stored. Nevertheless, documents are automatically deleted after one hour.

Now you can merge PDF files online without worrying about data security.

PDF4me is one of the best online tools to merge PDF files at the highest speeds. Upgrade to PDF4me PRO, to enjoy faster conversions, and to combine PDF files into a single PDF. Our PDF merge tool allocates dedicated servers for our PRO users. Try PDF merge online with a Day Pass now.

Merge with quality

Our free PDF merger ensures that the quality of the source PDF is retained, while it merges files together. Upload multiple Microsoft Word Excel or PPT files, the PDF merger converts files to PDF before it combines PDFs into a single file.

Merge and Compress PDF files on the go. Just select any office document format and start merging from mobile. Make the most out of the Merge PDF tool by uploading files from Cloud storage.

PDF4me’s smooth UI ensures hassle-free merging of your PDF files in almost any device.