Repair PDF

Fix or recover PDFs partially or fully

How to repair or recover PDFs?

Analyze and recover damaged or corrupted PDFs. Based on the damage you will be able to recover your PDF partially or fully.

  1. Upload broken PDF files to the PDF Repair tool.
  2. Click 'Start Repair'.
  3. Based on the extend of damage the PDF4me will fix your PDF partially or fully.

Get your Doc repaired

Ever had a very valuable PDF but you could not get the data out of anymore. Now it is possible to repair corrupted pdf files with this tool from PDF4me.

If you have pages of damaged pdf documents, you can repair such pages to get a clean and readable PDF back.

Repair your old PDFs or broken PDFs, even those from Cloud, and possibly be relieved seeing the recovered data. You only need to select old PDFs from Google Drive or Dropbox and repair them using this tool.

Security is Prime

The integrity of your data is given the utmost importance. Your recovered documents using PDF4me will only be saved for an hour in our secured servers. Documents shared through emails and via links will expire in 14 days from the date of sharing.

We value every second of your time and we dedicate a large volume of resources for each process. You can always go for our paid version to ensure dedicated resource allocation maximizing performance. This will largely reduce processing time.

Assured Quality

Recovering PDFs is a complex Job. We have built our PDF4me tool to bring out the maximum quality version of your source document.

Repair your PDFs on your mobile as you are on the go. PDF4me is simple and easy to use on any mobile browser. The smooth UI makes your jobs feel effortless and elementary.

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