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How to convert PDF to word doc? Convert online your PDF to docx in easy steps. Is your document an image, then we do OCR (optical character recognition) on it and provide you a well-recognized docx. It is recognizing Fonts and Layouts to make a most accurate editable word. You can edit them, add or remove content and convert back to PDFs, all using PDF4me. It's the PDF to word converter online tool on your fingertips. Checkout also different other file formats we provide conversion to word, conversion to excel, conversion to powerpoint or ppt.

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Easily convert PDF files from Google drive or Dropbox directly. Even Zip all your PDF files and upload as single file for easy conversion

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Data send through PDF4me secured with the most advance security ensuring data integrity. Documents saved in secured servers are automatically deleted in an hour.

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PDF4me ensures fast processing of of your documents. Enjoy faster document processing and more number of files by upgrading to our PRO version.

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We ensure documents are generated at their best possible quality. You can always customize the quality if the documents to suit your purpose.

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Easily convert PDFs over any mobile browser. Save data and time with direct convert features using Cloud storage in PDF4me.

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Make important changes to a PDF document, such as the customization of contents and document formatting.

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