Why converted Word files not editable or have error?

There are several reasons why a PDF file can fail to be converted to an editable Word Doc. Please check for the anomalies in your file and try to remove them before you start converting.

Below are a few points that might be affecting your PDF to Word conversion.

  • PDF Documents may contain tables or images that can break the conversion process.

  • If the PDF file was created from a scanned document, make sure that OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is enabled when you converted the PDF file.

  • Your PDF file might be generated from poor-quality images or scans.

  • The file may contain missing or improper formatting.

  • The document might contain some not-so-popular or custom fonts.

  • One or more of your pages might be too complex, because they may contain complex images or too many vector objects.

These are some of the most common reasons why a Word converted from a PDF may result in an error or may not be editable.

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