Team - Share and Collaborate

Share your account and build your Team

Be a Pro user and share your Pro account privileges with your Friends, Family, or Colleagues, and all these at a discounted rate. Build and manage a Team with people you like to work with or share your account perks in PDF4me.

Save up to 35% every time you add a new member to your Team. You will be able to share all or part of your Pro account privileges with the users of your Team.

You can manage - add or delete - the members of your Team as you are the Owner. This can all be done from your Account. Simply go to the Team section and start adding your best people by sending out invites.

Invite people to your Team

Adding people to your team is simple. From your Team, use the Add or Delete option to send an invite to the person you want to add to PDF4me. You can now add a user for as little as 4$ (Four US Dollars).

Once you send an invite, the person will receive an email from PDF4me on your behalf. Once the person accepts the invite and registers on PDF4me, he will be updated as a member of your team and will have the privileges of a Pro user.

Get Started and add people to your Team now!