Can I sort the documents while I merge PDF files?

Sorting or changing the order of uploaded documents is a simple process. Sometimes you might miss noticing the indicator that shows the sort function. Let’s assume you are already on the Merge PDF feature page.

  1. Upload or drag and drop the files you want to combine.
  2. Once the upload is complete, click and hold on the filename you wish re-position.
  3. Drag vertically up or down the list to change the order of the files.

Done! Now start to combine PDF files using the Start Merge button.

Once the processing is complete the PDF will be ready for you to download. Now you have the PDF with the files combined in the order you wish.

If you still want to re-arrange some pages in the document, feel free to use the PDF4me Organize PDF feature. The feature lets you visually re-order the pages by rendering every page into thumbnails for easy sorting of pages.

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