Create SwissQR Bill

The Swiss QR-bill is the new digital standard defined for payments in Switzerland. From June 2020 the bills can be created with a Swiss QR code to accelerate digital payment transactions. Create Swiss QR Bills using all compliance standards using this action.

Create Swiss QR bill action


AmountString, Required

The amount needs to be entered without leading zeroes

AV1 Parametersstring, Required

Alternative scheme parameter

AV2 ParameterString, Required

Alternative scheme parameter

BillingInfoString, Required

Billing info of the customer

Creditor AddressTypeEnum, Required

Type of the Creditor’s address

Creditor CityString, Required

The Creditor’s Town/City with max 35 characters

Creditor NameString, Required

The Creditor’s name or company according to the account name

Creditor PostalCodeString, Required

The Creditor’s postal code with a max of 16 characters

Creditor AddressLine1String, Required

The creditor’s address line with max 70 characters

Creditor AddressLine2String

The creditor’s address line - For S type 16 characters and for K type 70 characters

CurrencyEnum, Required

Currency type

File NameString, Required

Input file name from the source

IBANString, Required

IBAN or IBAN of the creditor

Language TypeEnum, Required

Bill language type

ReferenceString, Required

Reference, maximum 27 characters

Reference TypeEnum, Required

Reference Type

Seperator LineEnum, Required

Separator in QR Bill

Ultimate Debtor AddressTypeEnum, Required

Debtor’s address type

Ultimate Debtor CityString, Required

Debtor’s Town/City

Ultimate Debtor NameString, Required

Debtor’s name or company according to account name

Ultimate Debtor PostalCodeString, Required

Debtor’s postal code

Ultimate Debtor AddressLine1, Required

Debtor’s address line with max 70 characters

Ultimate Debtor AddressLine2String, Required

Debtor’s address line - For S type 16 characters and for K type 70 characters

Unstructured MessageString, Required

Unstructured Message, maximum 140 characters permitted

File ContentBase64, Required

Map source PDF file content from the previous action


File ContentBinary

File content of the QR Bill PDF

File NameString

The file name of the QR bill document