Add Page Number to PDF

Add page numbers to PDF in any format you like. You can also control the font size, position, format, etc using this action.

Add page number to PDF action


PDF File contentbyte, Required

Map the source file content from previous action.

File Namestring, Required

Source file name with proper file extension

Page Formatstring

Page number format to be displayed

Horizontal Alignmentstring, Required

Set alignment on horizontal scale

Vertical Alignmentstring, Required

Set alignment on vertical scale

Horizontal Margininteger

Horizontal Margin in mm

Vertical Margininteger

Vertical Margin in mm

Font Sizeinteger, Required

Font Size for the page numbering

Set Boldboolean

Set Bold for page numbering

Set Italicboolean

Set Italic for page numbering

Skip First Pageboolean

Skip numbering in the first page of the document


File ContentBinary

File content of the compressed document

File NameString

File name of the compressed document