Zapier, as we know, is a platform where we can integrate multiple web applications to create an automated workflow system. PDF4me is also a web application available in Zapier, which you can use to create different combinations of workflow automations.

This documentation would assist you, starting from the basics, create task workflows, integrating PDF4me and different applications through Zapier. You can also find different ‘Actions’ created by us, that can be readily used and simplify your efforts of automation. At the same time, you can build your own workflows based on ‘Triggers’, which defines the conditions, to initiate the jobs.

Here, it allows you to connect with various web-applications like Gmail, Facebook, Mail Chimp etc. It would let you automate your day-to-day work, like saving email attachment to a storage app or use ftp to transfer files, save email text, share your Instagram posts to Facebook, or notify a team about important sales requests etc , only to name a few. You can find, many more web services added in Zapier that facilitates job automation.

For a generic automation task, called Zap in Zapier, it needs a trigger to start the task. Trigger is an event that defines when a task need to start. The trigger can be anything, like receiving a new email, a new post in Facebook, adding new file in one drive or a survey form filled. Once an event is triggered, the task would begin processing, by integrating with other web-services listed in Zapier. Processing task could be something like forwarding mail, extracting attachments, convert the file to another format or encrypt it, forward or share you social media post to another media.