Mail Merge with Data File (Single Doc)

Use this action in generating document by merging a template file and a file containing data. The template can be in word format, containing mail merge fields, or PDF containing form fields. This action generates only a single document

The file containing data can be either in excel format or JSON format.


Template FileFile, Required

Document template file. Supported file formats are Word and PDF files

Template File TypeOptions, Required

Template file type. This field helps in defining the template type of the file. The available options are Word and PDF.

Template File NameString

Name for the Template file. Also the name to be given to the list of generated files

Merge Data FileFile, Required

File containing data for template. This can be excel or json file.

Sample Excel Data:
excel sample

Sample Json Structure (List Array):

  ["FieldName1", "FieldName2", "FieldName3"],
  ["FieldValue1", "FieldValue2", "FieldValue3"],
  ["FieldValue4", "FieldValue5", "FieldValue6"]

json array


Sample Json Structure (List Object):
json array

File Type of DataOptions, Required

Type of file given for containing data. The available options are Excel and Json



The file contains the generated document. The output file type depends on the template type.

File NameString

File Name without extension

Full File NameString

File Name with extension

File ExtensionString

File extension