An introducion to PDF documents

By Vishnu Subramoniam | About PDF

An introducion to PDF documents

PDF (Portable Document Format) - A short Intro

PDF - The short-form of Portable Document Format is a file format invented by Adobe in the early nineties. PDF has now become the most widely used document format for various reasons. Addressed in the beginning as ‘The Camelot Project’ for the US Federal agencies, the new evolution of the digital document has evolved into what we now know as a PDF.

Advantages of PDF

A PDF was developed keeping in mind the exchange of documents without losing the actual form of the document. Advancements have made PDFs the most trusted digital document for the exchange of information or data.
A few advantages of a PDF are listed below:

Visual Integrity: Independent of the media a PDF is exchanged or viewed, they maintain how they are displayed without any alteration to layout fonts or formattings done to the resources in the file.

Multi-OS Compatibility: PDFs are independent of operating systems, which requires only a small software to view them. Most modern-day browsers come pre-loaded with PDF viewers. If you have trouble viewing PDFs, use the PDF4me free online PDF Editor.

Inclusiveness: PDFs are capable of accommodating a variety of data types other than text like images, hyperlinks, etc.

Secure: PDFs are the most secure form of a digital document. They can be easily encrypted using a password. Easily add password to your confidential PDFs by using the PDF4me Protect PDF tool. They usually cannot be altered without leaving an electronic footprint.

Convenience of Use: They are convenient to use and largely preferred document format around the globe. Convert your documents in other formats to PDFs before you send it across to ensure they are unaltered. Use PDF4me PDF Converter feature to quickly convert formats like Word, PowerPoint, Excel or Images to PDF.

Smaller Size or Compactness: In spite of its capability to accommodate a large volume of data, PDFs are usually smaller in size compared to other file formats. If they are larger also they are compressible or can be linearized with little loss of quality. Try reducing PDFs based on your needs using the Compress PDF tool of PDF4me.

Even though PDF is a popular documentation format around the world creation and editing of PDF is not easy or doesn’t come free. The best way of editing PDF is to convert them to some quickly editable formats like .docx. We provide you a set of tools that can help you with this. Try the PDF to Word tool in PDF4me.

With its popularity and usage still on the rise, the PDF document format will have a longer life in the digital world. Get familiar with the set of PDF tools that can give you control over PDF documents.

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