How to Repair or Recover broken PDFs?

By Nishanth Asokan | Optimize PDF

How to Repair or Recover broken PDFs?

Easily Repair broken PDF

Hello Friends! Have a broken PDF that cannot be opened or viewed? These PDFs might not open in most of the PDF viewers, browsers or even in some PDF tools. Well PDF4me have a solution for you. If not completely we will try to recover your PDF partially depending on the damages.

How to Recover PDF?

PDFs can get corrupted while downloading or sending across networks or may be due to damaged storage like harddrive. Such digitally corrupted or broken PDFs can be recovered using the Repair PDF tool. In cases of larger damages the recovery might be partial.

  1. Select the Repair PDF feature from here.

  2. Upload or Drag & drop a PDF that you think might be broken.

  3. Click Start Repair. Once the processing is completed, the repaired PDF will be ready for download as a Zip file.

Files generated using PDF4me are PDF/A compliant. If your PDFs are not PDF/A compliant, repairing them might generate an ISO-standardized version of your PDF document.

Try uploading files from cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox for faster processing. Thereby, save data and time.

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