PDF4me is also available in the Make workflow automation tool with all PDF features to ease your hassle-free automation tasks. Make is an easy and powerful platform that allows you to visualize, design, and automate your business apps along with PDF4me to automate your daily routine business process.

Not just PDF, any office documents can be converted to PDF and compress for better archival with your workflows. PDF4me provides the most important document features like Convert any documents, images as PDF, Compress, Split the PDF by multiple documents by page numbers, Adding watermark to all of your document pages, etc. along with Make.

How to authorize PDF4me with Make

To use PDF4me, you need to authenticate with basic authentication. You can register at or When you register at you can get a free trial Api Key from our developer portal. The number of calls is based on the plan you choose. If you decide to buy, it is also auto renewable on a monthly basis.

When you register at you can get an Api Key from your Account Settings section - available with an active subscription plan. The number of calls is fixed, along with one-time purchase.

API Key from

Api Key for Make

API Key from

API Key for PDF4me for Make

Create a Scenario with PDF4me

Any Basic/Pro user can access the service using tokens shown on the account page. To make you understand how to use our app in your scenario we will consider an example scenario as shown in the image below. Here in the example scenario, we are detecting a file upload to Dropbox then downloading the file then convert the file into PDF and then we upload the PDF to the Dropbox account.

Introduction to PDF4me for Make

Authenticate PDF4me App

Once PDF4me app added to the flow it prompts for the token. As described in the above section copy your API Key and pass to the token field.


Now, map the name of the file in the Name parameter and then in the Document parameter map the file you want to convert into PDF as a binary file. That’s all, you have created Make scenario successfully and ready to test.