Image Stamp

Creates image stamps on PDF documents. This allows you to highly personalize your stamp.

create image stamp using pdf4mecreate image stamp using pdf4me


File NameString, Required

Filename including extension.

DocumentBuffer, Required

PDF File to be password protected. The file should always be PDF. The file should be passed as a binary file.

Image NameString, Required

The name of the image file with extension.

Imagebinary, Required

The image file which needs to be used as a stamp.

WidthInteger, Required

Width of the image file.

HeightInteger, Required

Height of the image file.

OpacityFloat, Required

The opacity of the image.

VerticalEnum, Required

Vertical alignment of image stamp. The allowed values are

  • Top - top edge of the page
  • Middle - equal distance from top and bottom edge of the page
  • Bottom - bottom edge of the page
HorizontalEnum, Required

Horizontal alignment of text stamp. The allowed values are

  • Left - left edge of the page
  • Center - equal distance from left and right edge of the page
  • Right - right edge of the page



The name of the output file.

Doc DataBuffer

The output document is in Binary format.