How to Split PDF files into smaller files?

By Varun Satish | Edit PDF

How to Split PDF files into smaller files?

Splitting PDF document made easy!

For every business, lots of documents need to be maintained. These documents are mostly a collection for an entity or collections of a data type. In different scenarios, these documents which are mostly in PDF formats need to get a specific pages of specific recursive data.

We need to spend lots of time to split the PDF’s for these kinds of specific data. PDF4me provides an easy way to get your PDF documents split, whether it is 100 pages or 1000 pages document.

How do we split PDF?

PDF4me provides you an exciting feature with the flexibility to Split your PDF.

We can easily split a PDF document using PDF4me. You can achieve this in two ways.
a) Splitting your PDF after a specific page into two.
b) Splitting your PDF to multiple documents at specific intervals.

  1. Select the Split PDF feature from here

  2. Upload/Drag & drop your file.

    • Set the property which tells how the split should be done.

    • By default, the mode to Split at Specific Page. In this case please provide after which page PDF should be split.

    • Second option is to split recurring. In this case, we need to select Split recurring. Then provide info for Split periodically. E.g, give 2 to split PDF after every 2 pages i.e. 2nd, 4th, 6th page, etc.

  1. To get your PDF, click Start Split. Once the PDF4me processing is completed, a set of PDFs are available.

  2. Download the file as PDF or as Zip according to your choice.

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