How to extract text from scanned documents and images?

By Aravindan Dhanapal | Edit PDF

How to extract text from scanned documents and images?

Extract texts from images or PDF using our PDF OCR feature. Searchable PDFs provide you PDFs that can be searchable in an easy manner!

In our daily routines, we use to scan documents which may be saved as PDF or Image file. These scanned documents may contain text content that can be used/shared in several areas including social media. At this time we can create a searchable PDF using PDF4me feature. Once you have the searchable PDFs then you can copy the text and be used in any e-forms.

How to generate Searchable PDFs

Create searchable PDF using our PDF OCR feature by going here.

  1. Upload your PDF file or Image file or Simply Drag & Drop the files (scanned image) in the document selection menu.
  2. Simply click the Start to Recognize Text button. Done!
  3. Download the file as a PDF and you can start copying the text from them.
PDF4me PRO only

Get a Day Pass or start a Subscription to be able to process all the pages of your PDF document. A free user will only be able to process the first page of the PDF using the OCR

Moreover, use your mobile devices to click a picture of any text content and upload it to the PDF4me OCR tool. If you can read it, we will generate a PDF from which you can copy the text to quickly save as notes or send across.

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