Password protect your PDF files in Cloud Storage

By Aravindan Dhanapal | PDF Security

Password protect your PDF files in Cloud Storage

Data security is and has always been a concern since the day communication has been happening. How much ever secure the storage where we store our data, it’s always best to add an additional security to it. When it comes to important documents, in particular, it’s always best to protect them with a password. An this can be automated with automation platforms like Power Automate.

Let’s look at a use case for example. Protect your important PDF files with a password and save them to your OneDrive location. Protection of the PDF file, to ensure data security and privacy is needed in every possible instance of data transfer. Password setting is the widely used technique to ensure the security of that nature. PDF4me protect action in Power Automate helps you to set a password to a PDF file on the go.

Get filr from cloud storage to protect

The PDF files uploaded to a selected OneDrive folder location will be converted as a password-protected PDF document and can be uploaded to a different OneDrive location.

Step by Step Guide to create automation flow:

Complete flow structure for protect pdf

Step 1: Trigger Execution

Power Automate has multiple types of triggers to start your workflow. It can be scheduled to run at regular intervals. In this use case, we trigger workflow when a file is created in the OneDrive folder location.

Folder – Choose the folder location where PDF documents will be dropped for password protection.

Protect PDF action in Power Automate

Step 2: Choose PDF4me Connector and Password Protect Action

Click on New Step after completing the Trigger part. A window prompted with many app suggestions where you have to search for PDF4me and select PDF4me Connect. Then PDF4me provided actions will be listed just like below. From here, choose the Protect Document action from the list.

Step 3: Map input fields with Protect Document action

Set parameters and password for protecting PDF

File Content – Input file content from the trigger action.
File Name – Input file name from the trigger action.
Password – Password to be set for PDF file.
PDF Permissions - Permissions to be set while encrypting with a password. Allowed options are

  • All
  • None
  • Copy
  • Annotate
  • Fill Forms
  • Support Disabilities
  • Assemble
  • Digital Print
  • Print and Modify.

Step 4: Save Password protected PDF file to OneDrive location

This is a final step to save converted output files to the OneDrive folder location.

Save output to preferred folder in OneDrive

Folder Path – Choose the folder location where the Output document is to be saved.
File Name – Output file name from the PDF4me Protect action.
File Content – Output file content from the PDF4me Protect action.

Protect ready to use templates in Power Automate:

Start automating the process of protecting your PDF files now with PDF4me ready-to-use templates in Power Automate.

Protect PDFs in OneDrive

Protect PDFs in Sharepoint

Protect PDFs in OneDrive for Business

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