How to Combine documents into a single PDF?

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How to Combine documents into a single PDF?

Hi Folks! Having trouble combining multiple files into one document. There is an easy & fast way you can achieve this. The PDF4me Merge PDF feature lets you combine multiple files into a single PDF. And you can do this in the desired order.

This is to introduce you to how this amazing feature works. Also, we will see how you can merge and compress PDF files in a single step. It’s fast, easy & free of any hassle. You can set the order of merging in the UI with easy drag & drop.

We all come across different situations where we have to combine pdf files. E.g., attaching a cover letter to resume or academic documents to bio-data or even multiple pdf related to a topic. Merging PDF files online is now made easy with the powerful PDF Merge tool from PDF4me.

You can Merge PDFs using this online tool in two ways

  • Using Merge PDF feature.
  • Using the Merge files checkbox in other features like Word to PDF or Image to PDF.

How to combine documents using Merge PDF?

  1. Upload documents you want to merge or Simply Drag & Drop the documents in the document selection area.
  2. Re-arrange documents from the uploaded list using Click & Drag.
  3. Click the Start Merge button. Done!
  4. Download the merged PDF directly or as a Zip.
PDF4me PRO only

Start a subsciption or get a Day Pass now and combine upto 20 PDF files in a single go. You can try our exclusive tools like PDF to Word or PDF OCR with a Day Pass.

How to combine PDF using the Merge PDF checkbox?

You can also combine documents or PDFs by using a simple checkbox. You can find this checkbox in almost all PDF4me Convert to PDF features. For example, go to the Word to PDF feature.

  1. Upload documents you want to merge or Simply Drag & Drop the documents in the document selection area.
  2. Now you can see the Merge PDF output files into single PDF checkbox. Select it!
  3. Now you will be able to re-arrange the order of documents. Arrange the documents for your choice.
  4. Click Start Convert.
  5. Done! Your PDF is ready. Download the file as a PDF or as a Zip.

How to merge & Compress PDF simultaneously?

Reducing the size of PDF files after merging them together is easy. All you have to do is select a profile for compression before starting the merge. There are two profiles available for you to Compress PDF.

  • Web - The PDF is linearized for easy web-view by the PDF4me PDF compressor.
  • Size - PDF files are compressed to the maximum possible size. You may notice some quality loss using this profile.

Using the Merge PDF tool you can directly upload Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint, or even images. Our PDF Converter will automatically convert to PDF first. Further, the PDF merger will join them into one single PDF document.

You can also merge multiple pdf files directly from Cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox. Thereby, saving time & data. Check for the Google Drive and Dropbox icons in the upload window.

Now merge files in your mobile with the same smooth user-flow as from a desktop machine. All PDF4me PDF tools are designed to work effortlessly on mobile browsers.

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