By Abins Chittilappilly James | Optimize PDF

How to Compress PDF tool for reducing PDF size?

Easily shrink the size of your large PDFs by using the Compress feature in PDF4me. Compress large PDFs using predefined profiles to suit your purpose.
Compress your documents in 2 different flavors

How to Optimize Your PDF?

Compressing large PDFs by reducing the filesize of PDF can be easily achieved using PDF4me. You can reduce the size of PDFs in 2 ways

Using Compress PDF feature

Drag and drop maximum files at a time and use Compress to reduce the file size. Download the processed files like ZIP, which will help you reduce the size further.

Using the Convert to PDF

Compress the size of any large document format after converting them to PDF in a single step.

Done! PDF4me will convert the document to PDF and compress the size of it for further use.

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