How to Quickly add Barcodes and QR codes to PDF?

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How to Quickly add Barcodes and QR codes to PDF?

Easily Add Barcode and QR codes

Add Barcode feature is used for adding barcodes to the document. Different types of barcodes you can add in our tools are QR Code, Datamatrix, Aztec, Hanxin, Code 128, and Pdf417. These can be added to almost any position on the page (in the corners, edges, or center of the page). You can add any text to be shown as a barcode though we have restrictions in alphabet limited to 26 alphabets in English.
When selecting a QR code, you have options for providing additional different types of data. They are Contact, Email, and Website. Contact info provides name, address, phone, email, etc for a company or an individual. Email provides a shortcut for sending emails to a user. The website is for providing a link to a website.

How to add barcodes to a document

Adding Barcodes and QR Codes to your document is an easy task now. To start adding Barcodes select the Add Barcode and QR Codes feature.

  • Upload any document to which you want to add a barcode
  • You can select pages you want to add barcode
    • To add to all pages, select All Pages
    • To add to the first page, select First Page
    • To select any other page, use Select Pages. This will open up a popup for page selection where barcodes should be added.
  • To configure your barcode setting, select Configure Barcode.
    The different configuration settings are:
    • By default QR code will be selected. You can change to any of the following barcodes: QR code, Datamatrix, Code128, Aztec, Hanxin and Pdf417. Code128 is a linear barcode. QR Code, Datamatrix, Aztec, and Hanxin are 2D Barcodes. Pdf417 is a 2D Complex barcode
  • You can type any text and get a preview of the respective barcode. After typing your text, you can change the barcode type to check how each barcode will look.
    • In the case of QR code, you get the option for generating different types of info to be stored in the barcode. Four info types provided are text, contact, email, and website. In case of contact, fill-up the form to provide details such as name, phone, address, and email. In case of email, provide info for sending mail. For the website option, provide a URL. At least one visible text box must be filled in the forms to generate/preview the barcode.
  • After the barcode is ready, select the Size and Position tab to position the barcode in the document. The barcode could be positioned to any corner, edge or to the center of the page. In the case of barcode positioned to any edge or corner, their position can be slightly adjusted with margins. The max limit to margin is 10 cm on the page.
    For certain cases, the margin would be disabled. If vertical align is set to Middle, the vertical margin will be disabled. If the horizontal alignment is set to Center, the horizontal margin will be disabled. For e.g., if it is aligned to Center Bottom, the horizontal margin will be disabled but the vertical margin can be changed to move its position.
    • The size of the barcode can also be changed in the UI.

Directly upload Microsoft office format documents. PDF4me will automatically convert them to PDFs before stamping them with a Barcode.

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