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How to convert Screenshots to PDF?

Transform your screenshots or JPG to PDF

PDF4me provides the easiest way to convert and combine photos and images into a single PDF. Make organizing and sharing your photos easy using PDF4me Image to PDF feature. The Image converter converts the most commonly used image formats like PNG or JPG to PDF. JPG files are the most used file format for saving images. Every day you come across at least one photo or image - and yes it’s most likely a JPEG. JPG files are small and preserve enough data to provide a good quality image.

Creating PDF from your Screenshots

While we surf the internet or refer eBooks or any other document, there will be some important information which we need to collect and store for our future references or studies. In this scenario we use to take screenshots and save those in folders. For referring these data again, we need to open each image file and identify the required data by searching. This is very annoying! Our Image converter lets you transform hundreds of image files into PDF in a single go.

PDF4me PRO only

Convert upto 200 JPG to PDF or PNG to PDF with a Pro subscription. Sign up for a free trial and try the best online Image to PDF convert tool for free!

How to take screenshots on Windows?

This can be done in several ways. Few of the quickest ways how you can take a screenshot in windows are

Now that you have screenshots ready in JPG or PNG formats, let’s quickly convert them to PDF.

You can use the Alt + Printscreen to take a screenshot on Windows and it automatically copies to the clipboard. You can directly paste the image using ‘Ctrl + V’ in the upload window of the image converter.

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