Convert XLSX to PDF with Excel to PDF converter

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Convert XLSX to PDF with Excel to PDF converter

What are XLSX files? XLSX version of Microsoft Excel file format was introduced with MS Word 2007 version onwards. The X added at the end of the older XLS extension stands for Office Open XML files. The newer Excel versions are not just data in tables, but they can also contain images, graphs, pie charts, advanced formulas, and creative formatting.

Spreadsheets are widely used in businesses, academics, medical, finance sectors, etc for organizing and managing a large number of data. They are small in size, highly portable, and flexible to be used across various sectors as a data source. They are also often used as a source for generating dynamic documents like receipts, bills, quotes, statements, invoices, etc.

We may also require to convert these XLSX or XLS spreadsheets to PDF. PDF4me has the perfect tool to convert XLSX to PDF online in seconds.

How to Convert XLSX to PDF using PDF4me?

PDF4me’s simple and fast user interface lets you convert multiple XLSX spreadsheets into PDF in a matter of seconds. It is OS-independent as the tool runs in a browser. You can access the Excel converter on any device with a browser and access the internet for making these file conversions.

To begin with launch PDF4me Excel to PDF converter

  • Upload or drag and drop one or more XLSX files as required
PDF4me XLSX to PDF converter for Excel to PDF conversions
  • Choose how you want to have your resulting PDF.
    • Optimize for web or highly compressed size
    • Reorder docs and merge to a single PDF
XLSX to PDF converter interface with uploaded files
  • Once your preference has been set, click Start Convert.

Done! You will be able to preview the files and download them from the Result page. You can also make see of the PDF Converter to do the MS Office file formats to PDF conversions.

Get a PDF4me Pro Subscription to upload up to 20 XLSX or XLS spreadsheets in a single process. Also, there will be no limit to the number of times you can use any tool of the PDF4me Suite.

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