Add text watermark in PDF files using Power Automate

By Aravindan Dhanapal | Automation

Add text watermark in PDF files using Power Automate

When it comes to business, there might be hundreds of documents where we want to add a watermark or stamp to. We may want to add dates, validations, images, or logos to documents. You may even wish to validate invoices as paid or documents as draft, copy, approved, confidential, and so on.

Why Power Automate with PDF4me?

PDF4me has build-in versatile connectors for Power Automate to make your document jobs easy. Document automation is a highly evolving practice in the present day and PDF4me tries to bring to you the best solutions to help you automate your document jobs.

Let’s look at a use case here, say - add text watermark over PDF pages with custom settings like Vertical Position, Horizontal Position, and specific page numbers. To protect your PDF documents, you can add watermarks over the content.

Start with Text Stamp from OneDrive folder location

Whenever a new PDF is discovered at a selected OneDrive folder, a text watermark is added based on predefined configurations and saved to a different OneDrive folder location.

Output PDF file from Add Text Watermark PDF4me action

Now we can look at how we can prepare this template on a step by step basis.

Power Automate Text Stamp with OneDrive

Step 1: Trigger Execution

Power Automate has multiple types of triggers to start your workflow. It can be scheduled to run at a regular interval. In this use case, we trigger workflow when a file is created in the OneDrive folder location.

Choose the folder location where html documents will be dropped for conversion

Step 2: Choose PDF4me Connector and Add Text Stamp on PDF Action

Click on New Step after completing the Trigger part. A window prompted with many app suggestions where you have to search for PDF4me and select PDF4me Connect. Then PDF4me provided actions will be listed just like below, now choose Add Text Stamp on PDF action from the list.

Step 3: Map input fields with Add Text Stamp on PDF action

Add the required configurations for the watermark
  • Align X – Horizontal alignment of text stamp. The allowed values are
    Left - left edge of the page
    Center - equal distance from left and right edge of the page
    Right - right edge of the page

  • Align Y – Vertical alignment of text stamp. The allowed values are

    • Top - the top edge of the page
    • Middle - equal distance from the top and bottom edge of the page
    • Bottom - The bottom edge of the page
  • File Name – Input file name from Trigger action.

  • Pages – Pages where watermark/stamp need to be applied. Possible values are including numbers ( 1,2,3 etc) or text (first, last, and all).

  • Text - Text to be applied as watermark/stamp.
    File Content - PDF file to apply stamp/watermark. The file uploaded should always be PDF.

Step 4: Save the Output PDF file to OneDrive location
This is a final step to save converted output files to the OneDrive folder location.

Update the destination folder for the watermarked PDF
  • Folder PAth – Choose the folder location where the Output document to be saved.
  • File Name – Output file name from the PDF4me action.
  • File Content – Output file content from the PDF4me action.

Ready-to-use text Watermark or Stamp Templates in Power Automate:

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