Split PDF files using PDF4me Workflows

By Nishanth Asokan | Automation

Split PDF files using PDF4me Workflows

Digital documents come in various sizes. Some types of documents have a lot of pages. Some of these pages might be unwanted or may be repetitive. We might have to split these pages from such PDF documents for further usage or specific processes. Like legal business contracts having terms and conditions, quotes, SLA, etc. We might have to split all these types of pages into several PDF documents for processing at each department.

PDF4me Workflows will enable you to automate this process with easy configuration and without any third-party integration. Use the Split PDF actions from PDF4me. There are 3 types of Split actions that PDF4me support. Let us look at these actions with the aid of a sample Workflow.

How to automate Split PDF using Workflows?

Splitting PDF files can be done using various ways. PDF4me’s split actions will let you Split PDF documents in specific ways you desire. Let us begin by creating a Workflow, and see how we can automate this process.

Add a Trigger

Let us begin by adding and configuring a Dropbox trigger. PDF4me Workflows also support Google Drive triggers. You can feel free to choose which best suit your Workflow.

Dropbox trigger for Split workflow

Add the type of Split PDF action you require

As mentioned before, we can Split PDF files in specific ways you require.

  • Split By Page Number - In this case please provide after which page the PDF should be split.
Split by page number action
  • The second option is Split Recurring - In this case, the pages will be split into batches based on the number of pages specified. E.g, give 2 to split PDF after every 2 pages i.e. 2nd, 4th, 6th page, etc.
Split recurring action for Split workflow
  • The third option is Split by Barcode - This action provides you multiple options to filter the barcode text - starts with, ends with, contains, and equals to. Provide the text input along with this filter to recognize the barcode with specific text.
Split by Barcode action for Split workflow

Add a For Each loop

Once your Split configurations are complete, add a For Each control to handle the multiple file output. All actions to handle these files should be added within the For each control.

For each control for split files

Add Save to Dropbox action

Once the PDF is split, they must be saved to a file storage. You can use various save options supported by PDF4me. For our use case, let us add and configure a Save to Dropbox action.

Save to Dropbox for Split Workflow

Access to Workflows would require a PDF4me Subscription. You can even get a Daypass and try out Workflows to see how it can help automate your document jobs. We recommend a Pro subscription to get the most out of Workflows.

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