How to share documents by email directly from PDF4me?

By Vishnu Subramoniam | Addon Features

How to share documents by email directly from PDF4me?

Share documents over Email with ease

The world is digitalizing at a very fast pace. This has also majorly influenced the document management system. Documents are getting digital at a larger scale in recent times. Sharing of these documents across is also an important part of this process.

We mostly depend on our email services and Cloud storage to share documents. Well, PDF4me has a quick way to get your documents across different people or to your mail ids without even accessing your email service. All documents processed using PDF4me can now be shared over email directly from the output window. Make your document management process convenient with PDF4me - Save time and Save data.

How to share documents directly from PDF4me?

Let’s see how you can send documents you have converted, merged or optimized can be sent to a mail id directly from the PDF4me app. This is a simple process, for e.g - see how we can convert a document and send it directly to an email address.

In the output window, you will see an icon with an envelope symbol.

  • Select the icon.
    • Fill in the email address you want to send the files to. You may also add a custom message for the recipient.
    • Select Send Mail.

Done! A mail with the download information will be sent to the mail id.

A download link will be sent to the sender mail id. The respective files will have a download validity of 14 days. After this, the files will be deleted from PDF4me servers as a part of our security policies.

Where is my Shared documents history?

You can find the details of all shared documents from the Share documents page. Find the link to the page from the user menu.

You will be only able to access the Shared documents page if you are a registered user.

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