Save time by using the 'continue to related feature'

By Varun Satish | Addon Features

Save time by using the 'continue to related feature'

Switch to connected tools easily

Managing digital documents is not an easy job. We might have to go through a series of steps to get a document ready. Say for e.g., you might want to create a password-protected PDF from a Microsoft Word document. This requires quite a few steps.

  • Convert the Word doc into PDF
  • Optimize the PDF if it is a large PDF
  • Password protect the PDF

This requires uploading the output files multiple times again to process the next action. Well, PDF4me has an easy solution for you.

How to continue to a connected feature?

PDF4me makes it easy for you to continue to a connected feature. Let’s take an example to see how we can easily navigate across different PDF tools. We will convert a document, optimize it, and set a password just in 3 steps.

  • Select the Convert tool from the PDF4me Home Page.
  • Upload the document you would like to convert.
  • Select the Optimization profile.
  • Select Start Convert.

In the output window, you will get all possible suggestions for your next action.

  • Select the Protect PDF feature.

PDF4me automatically uploads the output to the next feature for hassle-free processing. You can just enter the password of your choice and protect the document. This saves your time and additional data you use to upload documents again.

PDF4me PRO only

Update your account to PDF4me Pro to process more number of documents per single action. Also, use multiple features like a chain without any waiting time.

This feature can be used with many tools one after the other like Convert to PDF, create images, merge, protect - based on the Output file and the previous action. Try out different combinations based on your requirements.

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