PDF4me Job History for Pro users

By Vishnu Subramoniam | Addon Features

PDF4me Job History for Pro users

Hello Folks! Hope you guys are enjoying PDF4me. We here at PDF4me are putting constant efforts to give you the best document services. The most valuable thing in today’s world is Time. Our efforts are aimed in saving time in processing and managing your docs.

Hence, we give you the Job History. Job History keeps track of your uploads and features you have used in PDF4me. It helps you switch between features faster. Accidently closed the browser while working with PDF4me? No worries, you can always go to the Job History and download the processed files.

How to find your Job History

Not seeing your Job History?

The Job History feature is available from the User menu.

You should be a registered user to able to see your Job History. You can find your Job History in the user menu.

Perks of Job History

  1. Download Source Files: We keep your uploaded files securely for an hour. You can access the same file over a different machine using your account.
  2. Keep track of your tasks: Job history saves details regarding all your previous jobs.
  3. Download Processed files even if you accidentally closed your browser without downloading or due to any other unexpected interruption.
  4. Access across devices. You can access your processed files and process history across your devices – mobiles or desktops.
    Note: You can download only documents uploaded and processed within 1 hour. As a part of security, we don’t save any documents for more than an hour. This ensures data integrity in PDF4me.

Easily switch different Jobs without waiting until processing is done. Once processed you can always download files from your Job History. No more waiting for jobs to complete!

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