Split By Barcode

Splitting documents using Barcodes and QR codes. Split by Barcode feature recognizes many types of Barcodes and all of them can be used in different ways to split documents.

Header Parameters


gzip, deflate, br (OPTIONAL)


multipart/form-data; boundary= (calculated when request is sent)


X-RapidAPI-KeyString, Required

Provide your RapidAPI-Key

X-RapidAPI-HostString, Required


Required Parameters

barcodeFilterENUM, Required

Allowed values are

  • startsWith
  • endsWith
  • contains
  • exact
barcodeTypeENUM, Required

Allowed values are

  • any
  • datamatrix
  • qrcode
splitBarcodePageENUM, Required

Allowed values are

  • before
  • after
  • remove
barcodeStringString, Required

barcode String is required

Request body

FileBINARY, Required

Input file for split


Splitted DocsList

List of Splitted Documents contains file data and file name