Document automation with PDF4me and Make

By Thomas Devasia | Automation

Document automation with PDF4me and Make

Connect and automate your business workflows with Make in just a few clicks. PDF4me is now available with Make that empowers the automation of document processing to make your business process flow faster and secure. Move data between apps without effort so you can focus on the most important part of your business.

Sample PDF4me Make Workflow

Make works by linking together your favorite apps or services to create workflows that will transfer and transform your data automatically. It has already 250+ apps in the marketplace to integrate your business apps. Make supports working with files, emails, multiple emails, JSON/XML parsing & serialization, Webhooks, a Scalable graphic diagram of a scenario, the Option to disable logging of transmitted data, and many more.

How to integrate PDF4me with Make?

To use PDF4me with Make, you would require an API Key or Token. You can register and get a free trial Api Key from the PDF4me PDF4me API Portal. You can also subscribe to subscription plans that are specially designed to provide the best value for what you spend. The number of calls is based on the plan you choose. You can choose from a variety of Plans starting from 1000 calls up to 25,000 calls.

Read Documentation

Add PDF4me Token for Make connection

PDF4me Actions in Make

  • Compress PDF - Reduce the size of the PDF file
  • Convert to PDF - Convert any document or image to PDF
  • PDF to Word - Transform PDF into Microsoft Word
  • PDF to Excel - Generate Excel spreadsheet from PDF
  • PDF OCR - Recognize and copy text from scanned PDF
  • Text Stamp - Add a text watermark to the PDF
  • Extract Pages - Extract specified pages from a PDF
  • Protect Document - Add Password to PDF
  • Unlock PDF - Remove password from PDF permanently
  • Rotate Pages - Rotate specified pages of a PDF
  • Split PDF - Split a PDF into multiple files
  • Create Thumbnail - Create images from specified PDF pages
  • Delete Pages - Remove pages from a PDF
  • Image Stamp - Add Image watermark to PDF
  • Merge 2 PDFs - Combine 2 PDF files into a single PDF
  • PDF/A - Generate PDF/A compliant PDF

How to create your first scenario?

Once you have set up your Make PDF4me connection, you can start creating awesome scenarios that can help you simplify your document tasks.

PDF4me comes with a lot of actions to help build document workflow scenarios. Let us look here with a simple example where you can convert a file from a cloud storage - say Dropbox - to PDF and store it back.

Step 1

Add a Dropbox module and specify the action you want to perform. Here we are downloading a file from Dropbox for conversion.

Select the source folder and specify source file

If you want to automate the process, you will have to add a Watch files Dropbox action to look for a particular file type when it arrives. The action will automatically transfer the file data to the next module.

Step 2

Add a PDF4me module with Convert to PDF or any action you would want to perform on the file. In our sample, we use the Convert to PDF action.

PDF4me connection with Convert to PDF action

Set the Source File as Dropbox - Download a File

Step 3

Finally, add another Dropbox module with an Upload File action.

Target folder for uploading converted files

Set the File Name as Name and Data as Document from the PDF4me action. You can also add custom value to the File Name if you want a different name.

You can test your scenario using the Run Once button on the bottom left of the Make UI. If all your configurations are fine you can save and publish your scenario or automate it.

Complete PDF4me scenario

Here are a few sample templates to get you started quickly with your document automation.

Convert new files in Dropbox into PDF
Add text watermark to incoming files in Dropbox
Compress new files added to Dropbox
Recognize text with OCR in new files in Dropbox
Split an incoming file in Dropbox to smaller PDF

You can make the most out of Make and PDF4me with an active PDF4me Subscription. If you run a business or if you have a lot of documents to process on a monthly basis, feel free to choose a Plan in our PDF4me API Portal.

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