Automate Compress PDF using PDF4me Workflows

By Varun Satish | Automation

Automate Compress PDF using PDF4me Workflows

PDF files can often come in very large sizes due to their ability to preserve a lot of data. The large size of PDF files can often make it difficult their further processing, sharing, or archiving. In some cases, it becomes difficult to upload large-sized PDFs to some of the online portals where you have size limitations to the files uploaded.

PDF4me Workflows Compress PDF action, you can automate and compress your PDFs up to 99% of their total file size. With as little quality loss as possible, the PDF Compress action is a great way to shrink the size of your PDF files which makes it easier to upload, share, archive, or process them. Moreover, there are various optimization profiles you can based on your requirements like Max, Web, and Print.

How to automate Compress PDF using Workflows?

Begin by going to the Workflows dashboard and select the Create Workflows button.

Create Workflow Interface

Add a trigger for the Workflow

Create and configure a trigger to initiate the Workflow automation.

Let’s use the Google Drive trigger.

Google drive trigger for Workflows

Add the Compress PDF action

Add and configure the Compress PDF action. Choose the compression profile of your choice.

  • Default - Normal compression, least quality loss
  • Max - High compression, some quality loss
  • Web - Linearized PDF for Fast Web view
  • Print - Optimized for Print jobs
Compress PDF action for Workflows

Add Save to Storage

Add the action for saving the output files. We can choose Save to Google Drive for the example.

Save to Google Drive action for PDF4me Workflows

Save and Publish once the Workflow is configured. The sample workflow should be like this.

The sample Workflow for Compress PDF automation

For getting access to Workflows you would require a PDF4me Subscription. You can even get a Daypass and try out Workflows to see how it can help automate your document jobs.

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