Compress PDF and Reduce filesize

Optimize large documents to small PDF by reducing filesize of PDF

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Compress to your needed quality

Compress to reach your needs

When compressing or optimizing a PDF you only need to give a specific target for your output document. The rest we do for you. There would be many different options to compress. In case you need a very specific one, let us know.

One click multiprocessing

Optimizing does not only just reduce PDF file size. Drop any document format and just click Optimize. Your files will be converted automatically to PDF and will be optimized based on your preference.

Supreme Security

Your data is secure with us. Any document processed using PDF4me will only be saved for an hour in our secured servers. Our data lifecycle ensures the documents are permanently deleted after the download window.

Faster Optimization

Converting your documents to Pdfs and then compressing them is a two stage process. Optimize combines them to deliver faster result. Larger number of documents may face some delay in processing. You can always upgrade to our paid version to ensure dedicated servers and more unique ehancements.

Peerless Quality

Optimizing PDFs may be easy. But compressing PDFs but still at its best quality isn't. PDF4me optimizes PDFs to the smallest possible sizes still retaining the quality.

Compress to send fast

For faster transfering of documents, the size of your document matters. Just compress your PDFs and send over your next sharing button. All works fine over our browser enabled compress functionality.

Unlimited ways to edit your PDF

Make important changes to a PDF document, such as the customization of contents and document formatting.

Or uncover all the possibilities of our features by upgrading to PDF4me Pro.