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Easy to use online convert to PDF tool, you can convert images, poweproint, excel, word to PDF in one click.

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Professional online convert to PDF tool

Easy to use online convert to PDF tool - Do you want to convert word doc to PDF as an example? Simply drag and drop any documents or images and get it convert to PDF. Convert not only word also convert excel, ppt and images to PDF. Convert multiple documents at the same time. This will also allow you to download them again as a single zip and send further.

More formats in single step

Convert files like RTF, PPS, PPSX, SVG, TXT(ASCII and UNICODE) or even JP2 images. Once documents are converted to PDF you can also merge or compress them. In addition, also protect your final PDF or even export to a zip.

Security is vital

Your data is secure with us. Any document will be deleted after one hour. This is guaranteed by our built-in data lifecycle. Documents shared through mails and via links will expire only in 14 days from the date of sharing.

Performance is key

Waiting for a machine is in our time not acceptable anymore! Therefore we take performance very seriously. Nevertheless, converting is one of the most resource intensive work. If you feel you are waiting for long, you can always opt for our paid version. We prioritize more resource to our paid customers.

Highest possible quality

Online Conversion of PDF is a challenging task. In most cases its done in the tool where the office document was originally created. So we use the same application and produce there the best quality PDF.

Smooth user flow

In PDF4me we have spent quite some time for the design. It provides you a smooth flow of using the features. You need not be alarmed by the features which are not required.

Your feedback counts

PDF4me is a constantly evolving document management tool. Our mission is to discover the best ways to improve PDF4me and add new features to help our consumers. We would love to collaborate with you all in this mission.

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