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Add electronic signatures to your PDF using your computer or mobile devices
Add electronic signatures to your PDF using your computer or mobile devices

Generate highly reliable electronic signatures to sign your digital documents. In simple steps make your digital documents, contracts or other legal documents authentic and tamper proof. PDF4me incorporates simple UI for signing documents making digital signing a hassle free process.

6/18/2020,by Varun Satish
Easily generate ebooks from PDF and Convert eBooks to PDF
Easily generate ebooks from PDF and Convert eBooks to PDF

eBooks are the future of online reading. eBooks are basically reflowable documents with rich media and text content that can automatically adjust the way the contents are displayed independent of the size and resolution of the screen. PDF4me lets you convert your documents to eBooks and eBooks to PDF.

5/7/2020,by Josh Carlton
Get your documents ready for Print using the Prepare for Print tool in PDF4me.
Get your documents ready for Print using the Prepare for Print tool in PDF4me.

The print industry highly depends on PDF files as they preserve their formatting across devices. Therefore, optimizing your PDF documents for printing is important. Setup the paper size, pages per sheet and color settings using the Prepare for Print tool. Customize using easy presets for page setup.

4/30/2020,by Nishant Asok
Save time and data by using the 'continue to related feature' in PDF4me.
Save time and data by using the 'continue to related feature' in PDF4me.

A large amount of documents are shared or transmitted using digital media as PDFs. Generating and managing them can often be a repetitive and time consuming job. PDF4me saves a lot of your time and resources spend on such repetitive tasks by a feature that helps you continue to a related document task with ease.

3/27/2020,by Thomas Devassiya
Send documents by email directly from PDF4me.
Send documents by email directly from PDF4me.

As documents and data are largely getting digitalized, sending data over email is of prime importance. PDF4me introduces a feature that could help you directly share all documents processed using our tools via email. No need to take the trouble of using your email service providers. Save the trouble and directly share files from the output window.

3/24/2020,by Chandra Prakash
Quickly add different types of Barcodes and QR codes to your documents
Quickly add different types of Barcodes and QR codes to your documents

There are a lot of digital documents we handle on a daily basis. Bank documents, invoices, business portfolios, identity documents, etc. are a few among them. These type of documents often require a machine readable data inside them. Thats where Barcodes and QR codes come into help. PDF4me enables you to easily achieve this using its Add Barcode feature.

3/21/2020,by Varun Satish
Why use PDF files? Advantages of using a PDF
Why use PDF files? Advantages of using a PDF

We come across a lot of documents every day. When it comes to digital documents there are a few formats we come across daily. The most popular of them being PDF in the modern-day digital world. A short note on what is a PDF and why we should be using it more.

3/5/2020,by Vishnu Subramoniam
Convert, Archive or Protect Your Powerpoint Presentations
Convert, Archive or Protect Your Powerpoint Presentations

Microsoft Powerpoint Presentations are an essential tool to any one who deals with digital media. PDF4me easily lets you convert Powerpoint files to PDF or Generate high quality PPTX files from PDF. Merge multiple Powerpoint files into single PDF document for protecting using password or optimizing for web or archiving.

2/12/2020,by Vishnu Subramoniam
Watermarks and Stamps made Simple
Watermarks and Stamps made Simple

Easily manage your watermarking or stamping in documents using the PDF4me Watermark tool. Conviniently add text or image watermarks to your documents like confidential letters, bank statements, invoices or add logo to your company documents. Moreover, create Quick Stamps & Watermarks from your mobile devices.

2/6/2020,by Vishnu Subramoniam
Introducing convertible document formats
Introducing convertible document formats

Convert to PDF lets you convert your Word files, Excel spredsheets, Powerpoint presentations or Images to PDF. Further more it also lets you easily transform Vector Images or even Webpages to PDF files. You can even recognize texts from Images using OCR while converting to PDF.

1/30/2020,by Vishnu Subramoniam
Recover and revive broken or corrupted PDFs fully or partially

PDFs may get corrupted at the time of creation or while transfer through digital networks or storage media. Recover such broken PDFs using the Repair PDF tool in PDF4me. Easy and quick way to partially or fully recover your PDFs.

1/23/2020,by Nishanth Ashok
Generate MS Excel Spreadheets from PDF documents

Easily edit or transform PDF files with tabular data by converting documents into XLSX files. PDF4me implements high quality OCR tools in the backend ensuring generation of best quality XLSX files. A great tool for converting PDF to XLSX.

1/15/2020,by Vishnu Subramoniam
Generate thumbnails or Create images from PDF

Transform PDF to Images in simple steps. PDF4me generates high quality images from your PDF documents in simple steps. Feel free to choose the size and image format before conversion. Select smaller size of your choice to generate Thumbnails.

1/10/2020,by Varun Satish
Combine documents into a single PDF
Combine documents into a single PDF

The easiest way to merge your related documents into one PDF. PDF4me helps you merge files or combine documents into single PDF using PDF4me Merge PDF feature. Its fast, easy & free of any hassle. You can set the order of merging in the UI with easy drag & drop.

1/9/2020,by Vishnu Subramoniam
Extract Images & Text from PDF Documents

Quickly extract images and text from your PDF documents. Extracting resources from your PDF is quick and easy with PDF4me powerful extractor tool. Upload PDFs and just start extracting in just a single click. Get the texts and images contained in your document as a Zip.

1/3/2020,by Vishnu Subramoniam
Splitting Documents Using Barcodes and QR codes

PDF4me Split by Barcode feature recognizes many types of Barcodes and all of them can be used in different ways to split documents. PDF4me intelligently scans through your PDF to recognize barcode types or QR codes and read data embeded in them.

1/2/2020,by Aravindan Dhanapal
PDF4me Browser Extension for Quick Conversions

Convert your gmail attachments easily through PDF4me extension. Add the PDF4me extension to your browser to make your conversions fast and easy. Easily access a wide range of document management tools directly from your browser. Moreover, Convert your PDF attachments to Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Images from gmail and vice versa.

12/20/2019,by Varun Satish
Linearize PDF documents for Fast Web View

Optimize PDF documents for faster loading in Web. Render PDFs quickly in Web platforms as streams of data by linearising PDFs. Web Optimized PDFs are better displayed visually and uses less data as only required parts of the document is only loaded. PDFs are optimized for performance without compromising on quality.

12/18/2019,by Vishnu Subramoniam
Great PDF Compress tool for reducing PDF size

Reduce the size of PDF documents and compress them still maintaining the best quality possible. Easily shrink the size of any document format or image after converting them to PDF in just a couple of steps. Small size documents are can be great for webpages, printing, archiving or sending through emails. Save data & space by making the size of your documents smaller.

12/5/2019,by Aravindhan Dhanapal
Feature Packed PDF4me Desktop App

Pdf4me enables easy conversion of almost any document formats to PDF. Split, extract or even compress PDFs automatically with our Job Flow feature. Use the Grid and work with premium features like Split using barcode and OCR. Using our accurate OCR to extract text from PDF documents and save them in different formats like Word, PowerPoint, Excel or even as plain text.

11/29/2019,by Vishnu Subramoniam
Extract text from Scanned Documents and Images

Extract text by creating searchable PDF from scanned documents and images. PDF4me provide efficent OCR tool which is very cost effective, simple and benchmark feature. Process scanned documents directly from cloud-storages and convert them to high quality searchable PDFs using our Optical Character Recognition.

11/28/2019,by Abins Chittilappilly James
Transform PDFs to hiqh quality Word documents

Convert online your PDF to Microsoft Word document in easy steps. If your document is a PDF image, then we process it with OCR (optical character recognition) and provide you a well organized docx. Edit contents of your word file and convert them back to PDF with PDF4me Word to PDF tool.

11/28/2019,by Varun Satish
Do more with Job History

Easily track your PDF conversions, retrieve your uploaded and converted documents anytime. Pdf4me Job History keeps the details of your last 20 jobs. It also lets you download files within one hour of conversions or other processing done. Job History is enabled only for registered users of Pdf4me.

11/1/2019,by Abins Chittilappilly James
Make quick edits with PDF4me Powerful PDF Editor

Use PDF4me PDF Editor to read, annotate, add text, draw, highlight text or even add stamps to your document. The free online PDF editor lets you add images to PDF. Easily add annotations documents, highligt texts and emphasize with comments. Draw shapes or add logos and watermarks. PDF4me viewer also lets you unlock documents with ease. View, edit and download PDFs online

11/1/2019,by Vishnu Subramoniam
Unlock your password protected PDF

Using PDF4me Unlock remove password or security from a PDF and decrypt for further use. The Unlock feature will let you permanently decrypt your secured documents for further processing or easy viewing. You can also Unlock your documents using the PDF Viewer.

10/25/2019,by Vishnu Subramoniam
Password protect your PDF documents

Secure the data of your document by encrypting the PDF by adding a password. Encrypt secure information or documents by adding a password of your choice. Drag and drop any documents and we will convert it for you. Just select a password of your choice, we secure your document with the best encryption.

10/18/2019,by Abins Chittilappilly James
Split your PDF documents into smaller PDFs

Use PDF4me Split to extract pages from a PDF or create smaller PDFs with a given number of pages. You can also split your document based on the barcodes in a document. Divide documents based on the text coded in barcodes. You can also Split your document periodically based on a certain count of pages you give.

10/18/2019,by Nishant Asok
Convert Screenshots, photos, or Images to PDF

Easy online convert tool for transforming screenshots or Images to PDF. Convert the most popular Image formats like PNG or JPG to PDFs. Even convert vector formats like .svg, .ai, .visio etc to PDFs. You can also merge a lot of images into single high quality PDF documents. Best online Image Conversion tool.

10/11/2019,by Abins Chittilappilly James
How to Organize PDFs

Use pdf4me to reorganize a PDF by reordering pages, removing pages, or rotating pages, and finaly create a new file. Easily create single PDF from multiple Image formats. Upload ZIP files with images and convert them to PDF in a single step.

9/24/2019,by Andreas Frei
Convert Documents and Images to PDF
Convert Documents and Images to PDF

Simple, fast, and best quality convertion of doc, ppt, excel and images to PDF. Convert Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or even Powerpoint slides to PDF. Moreover you can convert Images of various formats to PDF. We also support ZIP or RAR files containing documents corresponding to any supported format

9/23/2019,by Andreas Frei