Protect PDF by adding a Password

Secure the data of your document by encrypting the PDF with a password

Password Protect your PDFs

Protect Your PDF with ease

Securing your PDFs is an easy job. Drag and drop your PDF and just set the password of your choice. Done! Your PDF is protected. We also check your password strength to enforce stronger protection to make it unbreakable.

Easy Protection

Protecting PDF is one of the most important requirements of the day. PDF4me brings simple ways to achieve high-end protection to your PDFs.

Unequalled Security

Security has been built from bit level. Every document is secured with the best protection mechanisms. Documents shared through mails and via links will only expire in 14 days from the date of sharing.

Seamless Performance

Document protection is a key area of document management. We do it best and fast at PDF4me. If you still feel its getting slower for large processes, feel free to try our paid version that ensures zero performance degradation.

Quality at its Best

We ensure the best encryption all the time. The PDF is not changed and its quality is guaranteed.

Effortless Userflow over Cloud

We have designed PDF4me keeping in mind users of all genres. You will find larger customizations stitched together using simple user flows.

Your feedback counts

PDF4me is a constantly evolving document management tool. Our mission is to discover the best ways to improve PDF4me and add new features to help our consumers. We would love to collaborate with you all in this mission.

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