Do I Need To Add Payment Details for My Free Trial?

Yes. To start your PDF4me free trial we need some payment information (Credit Card, PayPal, or Apple Pay).

Why should I upgrade to Pro Account?

A PDF4me Pro account has many advantages like more number files per job, larger file sizes, and zero ads. Also, enjoy document automation with integrations to Zapier or with Dropbox.

What kind of payment methods do you support?

You would be required to add a payment method for starting a PDF4me free trial. PDF4me accepts all International Debit or Credit cards(except American Express and JCB). Also, you can use your PayPal account to start a Free Trial with us.

Can I use PDF4me to process Corporate documents?

Yes! You can. PDF4me uses the best SSL encryption and HTTPS pathways to transfer and process data. Our servers are at highly secured locations and your data is always safe with us.

Can I share files processed in PDF4me?

You can share files from PDF4me directly via mail or as a link. The download link will be valid for 14 days from the generated time.