The PDF4me Chrome Plugin

Convert and Manage your documents quickly from your browser.

Developed to integrate with any latest version of Google Chrome Browser PDF4me helps you quickly Convert and Manage your documents. The PDF4me Chrome Plugin also lets you directly make easy conversions of attachments from your Gmail. It's easy to install and work with.


Go to Google Chrome Extensions and search for PDF4me or click below for quick download. Approve and Add the extension to your Chrome browser.

How does PDF4me Chrome Plugin work?

After installing the Plugin, you will be able to see the PDF4me Plugin icon on the top-right area of the browser.

  • Click on the Pdf4me Icon to see the available features.
  • Select a feature, say Convert Word to PDF
  • You will be redirected to the feature page. Drag and drop documents or upload documents to easily convert your documents.

Subscribe to PDF4me Pro plan to do unlimited processes. You will also get access to our premium features like OCR, PDF to high-quality Word conversion. etc.

Easily convert Gmail attachments directly from your Inbox using PDF4me.

  • Install PDF4me Chrome Plugin
  • Sign In to your Gmail Inbox from the Chrome browser.
  • Open an email with document attachment.
  • Hover over the attachment. You will see the PDF4me icon.
  • Click on the icon to see available features. Click on the feature.

Done! PDF4me will automatically process the attachment based on the selected feature and make it ready for download.

Try our new Plugin and let us know how you like it.

Download from chrome web store