Splitting Documents Using Barcodes and QR codes

1/2/2020 by Aravindan Dhanapal

PDF4me Split by Barcode feature recognizes many types of Barcodes and all of them can be used in different ways to split documents. PDF4me intelligently scans through your PDF to recognize barcode types or QR codes and read data embeded in them.

Splitting Documents Using Barcode

Use PDF4me Split by Barcode feature to split your document’s based on the barcode types and encoded data/content. Barcode types like Data Matrix, QR Code, Code39 and many other types on your documents can be used just like Patch Codes to split documents with more than one page. Let's take a look at how to use this feature to split your documents using Barcodes.

How to use Split by barcode options?

Split by barcode options window appears with multiple settings as Split Type, Barcode Type and filter options. Set Split type option as per the need. For example split before barcode setting splits your document before the recognized barcode. So, each document first page contains the recognized barcode. Similarly, set split after barcode setting splits your document after the recognized barcode. So, each document last page contains the recognized barcode. Remove barcode option delete the pages which contains the recognized barcode.

If you have specific type of barcode to be recognized among multiple barcode document, you can set Barcode type setting. Or else you can simply leave it to Any.

Filter by barcode provides you multiple options to filter the barcode text - starts with, end with, contains and equal to. Provide the text input along with this filter setting to recognize the barcode with specific text.

Split PDF by Barcode

  1. Click on PDF4me “Split PDF” feature of or go here

  2. Upload/Drag & drop your file.

  • Choose the “By Barcode” option.
  • Click on More options link which pop ups with split by barcode options.
  • Apply the options as explained just above.
  1. That’s all! You are almost done. Just click on “Start split”. Once process completed you can see your output documents soon.
  2. Download the files individually or all together as Zip format.

It should be noted that in order to split documents using barcodes you must upload the document which contains the barcodes. Else, it will return the original document as the output!

PDF4me doing great! Isn’t it? 😊

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