Extract text from Scanned Documents and Images

11/28/2019 by Abins Chittilappilly James

Extract text by creating searchable PDF from scanned documents and images. PDF4me provide efficent OCR tool which is very cost effective, simple and benchmark feature. Process scanned documents directly from cloud-storages and convert them to high quality searchable PDFs using our Optical Character Recognition.

Extract texts from images or PDF using our PDF OCR feature. Searchable PDFs provide you PDFs which can be searchable in an easy manner!

In our daily routines we use to scan documents which may be saved as PDF or Image file. These scanned documents may contain text content which can be used/shared at several areas including social media. At this time we can create a searchable PDF using PDF4me feature. Once you have the searchable PDFs then you can copy the text and be used in any e-forms.

How to create searchable PDFs

How to generate Searchable PDFs

Create searchable PDF using our PDF OCR feature by going here.

  1. Upload your PDF file/Image file or Simply Drag & Drop the PDF file/Image file (scanned image) in the document selection menu.
  2. Simply click “Start Recognize Text” button. Done!
  3. Download the file as PDF or as a Zip.

How to Extract text from Image/PDF? Watch tutorial

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