Password protect your PDF documents

10/18/2019 by Abins Chittilappilly James

Secure the data of your document by encrypting the PDF by adding a password. Encrypt secure information or documents by adding a password of your choice. Drag and drop any documents and we will convert it for you. Just select a password of your choice, we secure your document with the best encryption.

Securing data is important, Protect your PDF using Passwords!

In the era of "Digital Documents", it is very important to keep the documents secure. PDF document can be protected using passwords. By protecting PDF documents using passwords, when a person tries to open protected PDF document, he/she will be forced to provide the relevant password.

This security makes PDF format more secure comparing to several other document types. By securing PDF documents with passwords, we can ensure documents or data are not been accessed or viewed by unauthorized or unintended persons.

To protect a PDF with passwords it was very expensive. PDF4me provides a simple and cost-effective way to protect your PDF documents with “PASSWORD”

Secure your PDF document using PDF4me

How to protect your PDF

How to protect "PDF"?

PDF4me provides you an exciting way to protect your PDF.

  1. Click on “Protect PDF” feature of PDF4me or here

  2. Upload/ Drag drop your file.

    • Provide a password to protect.
    • Confirm your password Note: You can protect multiple PDFs at a time.
  3. To get your PDF, click “Start Protect”. Once the PDF4me processing is completed, a set of PDFs are available.

  4. Download the file as PDF or as Zip according to your choice.

Upload any document format. We will automatically convert it as a PDF before we Protect your PDF with the password of your choice.

How to protect your PDF? Watch tutorial

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