Transform PDFs to hiqh quality Word documents

11/28/2019 by Varun Satish

Convert online your PDF to Microsoft Word document in easy steps. If your document is a PDF image, then we process it with OCR (optical character recognition) and provide you a well organized docx. Edit contents of your word file and convert them back to PDF with PDF4me Word to PDF tool.

Transform PDFs to MS Word Documents

Easily convert PDF documents to high quality editable DOCX files. Make the most of the feature by converting PDF files or scanned documents to Word files. Upload a scanned document in PDF format. PDF4me processes it using the best OCR (Optical Character Recognition), extracts the texts best possible formatting and ouputs as a .docx file.

How to Convert PDF to DOCX?

Generating Word files from PDFs is an easy job.

Transform PDF to DOCX

  1. Click on “PDF to Word” feature of PDF4me or here

  2. Upload or Drag & drop a PDF file.

  3. Select the quality profile for conversion.

    • Normal: Restricted character handling and formatting
    • High: Best character handling. Implements best in class OCR.
  4. Click “Start Convert”. Once the processing is completed, your Word file will be ready for download.

The High quality profile for Word Document creation is available for only PDF4me Pro users.

Directly upload files from cloud storages like Google Drive or Dropbox for faster processing. This will also help you save your data usage.

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