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Convert Screenshots and Photos to PDF

10/11/2019 by Abins Chittilappilly James

Easy online convert tool for transforming screenshots or images to PDF. Convert a large variety of Image formats to PDFs. Even convert vector formats like .svg, .ai, .visio etc to PDFs. You can also merge a lot of images into single high quality PDF documents.

Have you ever thought about creating PDF from you Screenshots!

When we surf internet or refer eBooks or any other document, there will be some important information which we need to collect and stored for our future references or studies. In this scenario we use to take screen shots and save those in folders. While referring theses data again, we need to open each and identify the required data by searching. This is very annoying! PDF4me provides an easy way to collect the screenshots into single PDF. Make you life easy using PDF4me “Convert to PDF” feature.

If you didn’t try it, please have a try to make your life easy!!

How to get scrrenshots to PDF

How can we do it?

We can easily generate a PDF document from your screenshots using PDF4me

  1. Click on “Convert to PDF” feature of PDF4me or here

  2. Get screenshots and copy to clipboard.

    • This can be done in several ways.

      • For a full screenshot, you can use Alt+Prt key (Print Screen).
      • For partial area of your screen you can use "Snipping Tool". To copy the screenshot, use "copy" button of snipping tool.

      Note:Only one screenshot can be captured at a time.

  3. Paste captured screenshot to “Convert to PDF” page or here, by placing cursor on or near upload file area and by Ctrl+V keys.

  4. You can do Step 2 and 3 for any number for times for multiple screenshots

  5. Once you are done with necessary screenshots, Tick the check box to merge the screenshots to one in "Convert To PDF" page.

  6. To get your PDF, click “Start Convert”. Once the PDF4me processing is completed, your PDF is available.

  7. Download the file as PDF or as Zip.

You can also convert the merged screenshot to “Searchable” by using our PDF4me OCR. This will help you to search the information inside your screenshots.

How to merge screenshots to PDF? Watch tutorial

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