Extract Images & Text from PDF Documents

1/3/2020 by Vishnu Subramoniam

Quickly extract images and text from your PDF documents. Extracting resources from your PDF is quick and easy with PDF4me powerful extractor tool. Upload PDFs and just start extracting in just a single click. Get the texts and images contained in your document as a Zip.

Light and Powerful PDF resource Extractor

Hi Folks! Want to extract images or text resources from your PDF documents? Easily extract all images and text contained in a PDF separately using our new Extract Resources tool. In two steps get all resources from your PDF document as a Zip file for your further use.

How to Extract resources from PDF?

Extracting content from PDF may seem as a big task for you. But we do all the dirty work and made it easy for you.

Extract Resources from PDF

  1. Click on PDF4me “Extract Resources” feature or go here

  2. Upload or Drag & drop a PDF file.

  3. Select the suitable profile for your extraction.

    • Text & Images: Extracts all text and images from the PDF
    • only Text: Extracts just the text contents of the PDF.
    • only Images: Extracts only the images containted in the PDF document.
  4. Click “Start Extracting”. Once the processing is completed, the resources from the PDF will be ready for download as a Zip file.

You can only extract 4 PDFs simultaneously as a free user. As a Pro user as many as 20 documents in a single process.

Directly upload files from cloud storages like Google Drive or Dropbox for faster processing. This will also help you save your data usage.

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