Introducing convertible document formats

1/30/2020 by Vishnu Subramoniam

Convert to PDF lets you convert your Word files, Excel spredsheets, Powerpoint presentations or Images to PDF. Further more it also lets you easily transform Vector Images or even Webpages to PDF files. You can even recognize texts from Images using OCR while converting to PDF.

Convert to PDF is one of the most commonly used feature in PDF4me. Convert to PDF lets you convert a large number of file formats to PDF. This includes Microsoft Office formats, common text and image formats, Webpages etc. We understand that as end users you might like know in detail what all formats you can convert to PDF. This blog will introduce you to the file formats supported by PDF4me for convertion to PDF.

File formats supported in Convert to PDF

Office Documents

Extension File Type Description
.docx Word Document One of the most commonly used document format. PDF4me supports upto 50MB per file depending on the complexity for converting to PDF. FIles having more than 1000 pages may see a delay in processing.
.doc Legacy Word document (Office 97 – 2003 Document)
.xlsx Excel Worksheets For generating PDF from Excel PDF4me supports upto 10 MB per file. Sheets with more the 100,000 records may result slower conversions or failures.
.xls Legacy Excel Worksheets (Office 97 – 2003 Document)
.pptx PowerPoint presentation Supports upto 50 MB per file depending on the complexity of slides. Presentations with macros may fail while converting to PDF
.ppt Legacy PowerPoint presentation (Office 97 – 2003 Document)
.pps / .ppsx PowerPoint Presentation Slide files
.rtf Rich text file


Extension File Type Description
.jpeg /.jpg Joint Photographic Experts Group Images & Photos can be converted to PDF without much restrictions. We support upto 200 MB per file. Converting large images to PDF may take time depending on the upload speed of the users internet connectivity.
.png Portable Network Graphics (lossless compression)
.gif Graphics Interchange Format
.tiff Tagged Image File Format
.bmp Windows Bitmap
.jb2 Joint Bi-level Image Group
.jp2 Compressed bitmap image
.jpx Joint Photographic Experts Group

Vector Graphics

Extension File Type Description
.vsdx / .vsd Vector graphics drawing file for Microsoft Visio Converts almost all of vector images to PDF unless a corrupted file.
.svg XML based Vector image

Plain Text Files

Extension File Type Description
.txt Common text file PDF4me converts almost all text files to PDF


Extension File Type Description
.htm / .html Basic Webpage files Webpages are converted easily to PDF files
.xml Extensible Markup Language (XML) file Converts almost all kinds of .xml files to PDF


Extension File Type Description
.ePub eBook Standard file Can be converted to PDFs or PDF to ePub
.mobi Mobipocket eBook file Supports MOBI to PDF or PDF to MOBI

As a Pro user, as many as 20 documents can be converted in a single process. Also, you can convert upto 200 images to PDF or merge them together as a single PDF.

How to Convert a Document to PDF

How to Convert to PDF

  1. Select the Convert to PDF feature from here.

  2. Upload or Drag & drop any file format mentioned in the table.

  3. Click “Start Convert”. Once the processing is completed, the converted file will be ready for download as a PDF file.

We have also great features that help converting PDF documents back to MS office formats or Images. Try PDF to Word , PDF to Excel or PDF to Image. Generate some high quality eBooks with eBook Converter

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