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9/23/2019 by Andreas Frei

Simple, fast, and best quality convertion of doc, ppt, excel and images to PDF. Convert Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or even Powerpoint slides to PDF. Moreover you can convert Images of various formats to PDF. We also support ZIP or RAR files containing documents corresponding to any supported format

Convert your office document to a PDF. We support the following document types at the moment to convert to PDF:

  • doc to PDF: docx to PDF
  • excel to PDF: xls to PDF, xlsx to PDF
  • power point to PDF: ppt to PDF, pptx to PDF
  • image to PDF: jpg to PDF, jpeg to PDF, png to PDF, screenshot to PDF

Many more will come. The office doc types are just the starting phase, and we have plans to increase this list.

Convert here single files to PDF or convert multiple different filetypes at once to PDF. If you need a single PDF after conversion, this is the right place. Select "merge all documents to one PDF" and reorder the documents for the merged PDF.

The conversion to PDF can also be parameterized to get the optimal PDF. Select either of this flawors:

  • Web: optimized to show the PDF for web
  • Size: compress the PDF to its minimal size without loosing quality

How to Convert to PDF

How to Convert to PDF

The most chosen form of delivering well structured and authored information is still over PDF and will also be for the next foreseeable time. PDF provides the required context to structure content information, layout, and images. With our easy PDF Converter tool, you can bring your content of different types into a world-class quality PDF. Follow these steps to get to your prime PDF.

  1. Upload one or more files of different document types to the pdf4me Converter.

    • E.g., convert simultaneously docx, xlsx, and an image at the same time.
  2. Choose how you want to have your resulting PDF.

    • From here you can also choose other features:
      • Optimize for web or highly compressed size
      • Reorder docs and merge to a single PDF
  3. Get your PDF now, click “Start Convert”.

  4. Download the file as PDF or as Zip.

Convert to PDF, optimize and merge all in one single step. It can not be easier than that. Any more questions, check out the support page.

Use Cloud storages such as Google drive or Dropbox to upload you documents. Save a lot of data & time in processing your documents.

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