PDF4me Automation

Automate and save your time for important tasks than on simple repetitive document tasks.

We at PDF4me have developed connectors that can be integrated into automation platforms like Zapier. Make use of our powerful connectors to create workflows that will run your document tasks like a robot even when your laptops are off.

Document workflows can now be used and configured by everyone. Just give Zapier a try and search for the PDF4me connector. In these automation platforms, you can visually put together your unique flow and use PDF4me which provides all the document-related tasks.

Easily buy calls for your integrations

Every Pro user or users on a Free trial gets 20 calls for free. Use this to test the integration and try out your document workflows for free.

You can now buy calls for your Automations from your Account page. The calls can be bought based on your needs from as low as 100 calls up to 10,000 calls. Buy more calls to get a discount of about 50%.

You can track your Call history from the Automation section as well. The section will give you an idea of your total calls purchased, total used, and the number of calls remaining for your account.

Key or Token for your Integrations

You might require an API Token or Key to integrate PDF4me into your Automation. Now getting your Key is easy. You can find your Key in the Automation section of your Account page.

You can also Renew your key when you wish.
Renewing your Key might partially or completely disable your integrations or automation that you have set up using the Key.

Now that you have your Key and Calls for setting up Automation, feel free to try out PDF4me in Zapier.


Zapier helps you connect web apps to move info between them automatically. We can integrate PDF4me with Zapier for a wide range of document-related task automation. For instance, you can get a word doc attachment from Gmail, convert it to PDF using PDF4me, and save it to Google Drive.

Get started with your Automation!